You just messed up all those people, but it’s cool

With the super-villains of Suicide Squad emptying the registers at the Box Office, it’s pretty clear we all have a little Stockholm syndrome for the bad guy/girl on our screen.

A recent blockbuster, Nightcrawler takes us hostage on a camera man’s joy ride with an ambition to hustle the news business. Maybe it’s because we feel Jake Gyllenhaal can do no wrong as the lovable kid from Donnie Darko. But maybe the film reveals a weird part of ourselves, actually letting us relate to the twisted character.

Classically, the story starts by introducing us to the evil-doer’s softer side. In Victoria, a one-shot narrative connects us to a group of every-day non-villains who are just having fun for the night. Progressively we tag along as the hero of the story crosses invisible lines we can easily justify in the situation. Although, holding a baby at gunpoint might be a visible line.

We all have our bad sides. Whether it’s partying a little too hard on spring break, dabbling in illegal substances, or even starting a harmless argument for some excitement. Sometimes crazy situations just come out of good old-fashioned fun.

But what about the darker side? The serial killers and evil masterminds? In Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, we follow the renaissance rampage of a guy with a nose so powerful it makes him lose his other senses. As he murders the most beautiful ladies of the land, surely we’ll never forgive him right? Why oh why do we keep rooting for the dude and his epic creepiness?

Add metal bending superpowers and family issues into the mix though and you’ve got someone we can have some serious empathy for. Magneto in the latest X-Men series also has the forceful power to draw tears from your eyes. But isn’t he supposed to be the evil and obvious one we’re fighting against? Seems like the world of villains & heroes is becoming less black & white after all.

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