These down-to-earth sciency films show space in a not too distant light

For an off-planet thriller, the balance of science to fiction can create a terrifying result.

The recently released space horror film, Life, takes us to an eerie and familiar set: the International Space Station (ISS). We’re led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and our favorite star of all: science. The plot revolves around a sample of Mars dust containing some kind of organism. So, science and her astronaut friends decide to wake it up and see what extraterrestrial mysteries await them.

In order to create a believable story, the makers of Life regularly consulted with NASA scientists. A medical doctor coached actors to use correct terminology and even to hold tools correctly. In the end, what results is much closer to earth Alien-esque piece of cinema.

Life - Scarily Realistic Space Movies
Saying hi to baby alien in Life (2017)

The film isn’t the first to amp up the sci in the fi. Interstellar is famous for its’ contribution to black hole research through highly detailed simulations. Not only are the 3d models incredible to look at, they’re actually the most accurate representation we have of the mysterious space anomalies.

Interstellar - Scarily Realistic Space Movies

Gargantua, the massive black hole featured in Interstellar (2014)

While others on this list may be more or less fluffy on the science, they nevertheless remind us how freaking terrifying it is outside our atmosphere.

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