These spontaneous travelers will inspire you to hit the road

Sometimes when things get a bit repetitive, we can use a kick to get us out the door. That’s what friends are for right? Or in the case of American Honey, that’s what strangers are for. Shia LaBeouf plays the role of the main stranger who recruits our hero, Star, for a magazine selling rampage across the Midwest.

With hip-hop blaring and libidos flaring, we take a tour of the America we don’t often see on the big screen. Spoiler alert: It’s a bit of a shithole. However, the characters won’t let that ruin their fun. They turn their hustling skills to volume 11, drown out their problems and turn the bitter landscape into their playground.

Each generation seems to have our own inspiring road-less-travelled escape story. Into the Wild was a kick out the door for me and many of my fellow desk job prisoners in training. Just like American Honey might be for someone entering today’s full-time consumerist lifestyle.

“The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences.”

Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild

One of the most inspiring road trip travel stories of all-time, On The Road by Jack Kerouac, turned 50s America on to a whole new way of thinking. Recently adapted to film, it’s a poetic and inspiring feast for the eyes and ears. It shakes up how we think about our lives even down to the core of our relationships.

However, shaking uncontrollably in a foreign hospital or smoking the ends of discarded cigarettes isn’t exactly enticing, it does serve as a reminder of the bittersweet nature of new experiences. Besides, if it’s all sunshine and rainbows, how does it make you grow as a person?

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