The monochromatic format lives on

Every year there are one or two classic style movies that rake in the awards. Last year, the intense and poetic Embrace of the Serpent was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. The 35mm black & white film was another reminder that the simple grayscale format is here to stay.

The story took us deep into the Amazon for a series of bizarre adventures. While the ‘white man’ desperately searched for the cure to his illness, we follow his scenic nightmare emboldened by its color palette.

Also known for its critical acclaim, The Artist removed more than just color from its repertoire but sound as well. In doing so the creators produced a simple, nostalgic and fun film anyone could enjoy. This especially includes award judges since it won 5 Oscars including Best Picture.

Many of today’s big name directors have kicked off their feature careers with cult level black & white films. For example: Darren Aronofsky (Pi), Christopher Nolan (Following), Jim Jarmusch (Stranger Than Paradise) and Anton Corbijn (Control). All of which are just as good as ever.

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