Lean back and save the planet

You don’t have to be a nature lover to appreciate these magma spouting volcanos, lovable swimming sloths, earth freedom fighters and charming celebrities. The scenery alone in many modern day nature films is enough to grab the attention of any human with eyeballs and a beating heart.

There is certainly a wealth of beauty in films like Planet Earth II. The unparalleled closeup action shots boggle the mind and suck one in to the poetic world of nature. However, it wasn’t easy to create the masterpiece. Their 22 person camera crew spent 2,089 days in 40 countries to create the earthy mega series. They braved the world’s stormiest seas, aggressive charging cows, swarms of mosquitos, and the most treacherous of all: penguin poo.

While there is a lovely and shiny side, almost every recent nature film also reveals the darker part many of us don’t get to see everyday. A dire warning of the effects we have on the incredible creatures and landscapes. It’s difficult for us to really grasp climate change since there’s little immediate impact on our daily lives. One thing we can easily get though is the 8 million tons of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year.

A Plastic Ocean eloquently explains this and is a wake up call for all of us constant consumers. I mean, if we see where the things we buy everyday end up then shouldn’t we change our habits?

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