The films leading Nextflix’s dive into the environmentally friendly

Much more than a mere video service, Netflix is also becoming a content powerhouse. They’ve even grabbed up an Oscar nomination after teaming up with Leonardo Di Caprio, some endangered mountain gorillas, and a team of documentary filmmakers for Virunga.

There’s more on the way apparently. According to Variety, Di Caprio and Netflix have signed an extended deal to crank out a series of environmental films. Next up in line will be The Ivory Game, a focus on the threat of extinction facing African elephants, set to premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.

Ok I might be getting ahead of myself, but there’s plenty on the site to watch already. A favorite of mine, Living on One Dollar, is as low-budget as it gets but reveals some major points on how we view living in poverty. And if that climate’s a little too warm for you, step into the world of Chasing Ice – the dramatic story of a man’s dedication to capturing the rapidly disappearing glaciers.

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