Cinematography so good your eyes will scream

Generally when one thinks of the horror genre, images flash of chain saws, screaming teeth, and spraying blood. However, thrills don’t always come from shock value. It Follows (2014) takes the viewer on a ride through eerily calm rural Detroit. At first glance it may seem like another teen scare flick but through clever lo-fi camera work it turns out to be a tension building instant classic.

More recently, Nocturnal Animals takes us down the dark road of a twisted relationship played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. The ex-lovers reunite through a manuscript of a heartwrenching novel. Directed by fashion designer Tom Ford, you know it’s going to be a visually attentive film. The scenic sets of the desert crime scene and minimalist modern architecture bring about a stunning and memorable aesthetic. Don’t worry though, the designer concrete interiors don’t make it any less of a jaw dropping thrill of a movie.

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