Before the Flood - Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ki-moon Ban, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Mike Brune



Before the Flood, 2016

Is Earth becoming a horror film?

Don’t Breathe - Starring Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto

Criminal, Scary as shit

Don’t Breathe, 2016

Take a good deep breath before watching

Cameraperson - Starring Jacques Derrida, Kirsten Johnson, Roger Phenix


Cameraperson, 2016

The epic memoir of a life behind a camera

HyperNormalisation - Starring Adam Curtis, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin


HyperNormalisation, 2016

They know we know they lie

Do Not Resist - Starring James Comey, Dave Grossman, Rand Paul


Do Not Resist, 2016

The blurring line of military and police in the U.S.

Hooligan Sparrow - Starring Ye Haiyan, Huang, Wang Jianfen


Hooligan Sparrow, 2016

A human rights activist risks everything for justice in China

Nocturnal Animals - Starring Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson


Criminal, Scary as shit

Nocturnal Animals, 2016

A beautifully messy divorce

The Accountant - Starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal

Criminal, Explosive

The Accountant, 2016

The ultimate badass has zero social skills

Arrival - Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg

Nerdy, Scary as shit

Arrival, 2016

Aliens, science, and some serious levels of suspense

Paterson - Starring Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Nellie, Rizwan Manji


Heart Melting, Hilarious

Paterson, 2016

Adam Driver finally lives up to his last name

Patriots Day - Starring Mark Wahlberg, Dicky Eklund Jr., Michael Marchand, Rhet Kidd


Patriots Day, 2016

The clock is ticking, the world is watching

Rogue One - Starring Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen


Explosive, Nerdy

Rogue One, 2016

Shit gets sci-fi when they mess with the wrong rebel

Trespass Against Us - Starring Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Lyndsey Marshal, Georgie Smith


Criminal, Dramatic

Trespass Against Us, 2016

Breaking out from a criminal lifestyle

Silence - Starring Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano


Silence, 2016

The price for your glory is their suffering

The Wailing - Starring Do-won Kwak, Jung-min Hwang, Jun Kunimura, Woo-hee Chun


Scary as shit

The Wailing, 2016

A spell of savagery in an otherwise quiet villiage

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