“What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?”, aka WMSIWT, is a cinema-style online movie recommendation platform. It works by showcasing hand-picked trailers for movies already out. The goal is to help you find something nice to watch, or even better, a new favorite you’d never even heard of.

Who picks the movies?

Recommendations after February 2022 are handpicked by the team behind agoodmovietowatch.com.

The site’s curator is Kevin Yaun, an American digital designer & movie fanatic. Kevin is currently based in the Netherlands but enjoys roaming from city-to-city with little more than a laptop and a childlike sense of wonder.

How long has it been around?

Established in 2010 by Kevin Yaun (designer) & Ian Bauer (developer), WMSIWT is an award-winning cinematic Flash experience powered by a regularly updated WordPress blog. It used a style of brutal simplicity (only showing 1 movie trailer) at a time when website trends led to complicated layouts and many, many buttons.

Since February 2021, WMSIWT is run by the team behind agoodmovietowatch.com.