“What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?”, aka WMSIWT, is a cinema-style online movie recommendation platform. It works by showcasing hand-picked trailers for movies already out. The goal is to help you find something nice to watch, or even better, a new favorite you’d never even heard of.

Who picks the movies?

The site’s curator is Kevin Yaun, an American digital designer & movie fanatic. Kevin is currently based in the Netherlands but enjoys roaming from city-to-city with little more than a laptop and a childlike sense of wonder.

How long has it been around?

Established in 2010 by Kevin Yaun (designer) & Ian Bauer (developer), WMSIWT was an award-winning cinematic Flash experience powered by a regularly updated WordPress blog. It used a style of brutal simplicity (only showing 1 movie trailer) at a time when website trends led to complicated layouts and many, many buttons.