Recently named the greatest film of the 21st century by the BBC, Mulholland Drive is the perfect kick-off for a list dedicated to the art of the cinematic weird. It’s a glittering shadow of Hollywood stereotype and for some people, even leaves a life-changing impression. So why is it the darkest films always top the charts? Or is it that all film critics are secretly evil villains?

This isn’t a comprehensive list unfortunately, there’s just too many amazingly mental movies to compress into one article. My goal was to blend the classics with more recent brain rollercoasters like Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups. Its’ hidden meanings, metaphors and messages take you on a blurry and poetic journey. Basically, it’s two hours of a lost famous person drowning in a world of good-looking people like Imogen Poots. What's not to love?

“You don't want love, you want a love experience.”
– Della, Knight of Cups

While I swear I’m not a villain myself, I can’t help but end the list with the evilest of all: Scarlett Johansson as a skin capturing alien in Under the Skin. Jonathan Glazer takes us through scene after scene of visual mastery. With your forehead relaxed, arms in leanback position, you’ll ride the wave of subtle storytelling. Maybe, you’ll even develop a little empathy for us villains. I mean… the ones in these movies of course.

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