Last year's leading modern-day Western, Hell or High Water, opens with two small town bumbling bank robbers. For real though, it couldn't get any smaller town. This is exactly the point for the Howard brothers who are rushing to get enough cash to save their family from the financial crisis. Don't worry though, even middle-of-nowhere bank branches have epic shootouts.

“Boy, You'd think there were ten of me.”
Tanner Howard, Hell or High Water

Of course, great crime films aren't complete without the tough cop on the other side. In this list, keep an eye out for legendary actors like Jeff Bridges, Denzel Washington, Jon Hamm, Bradley Cooper, Gary Oldman, and Christian Bale. They bring that level of morality the adrenaline junkies make us ignore.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list and tragically leaves out some all time greats (sorry Al Paccino). However, it doesn't forget the greatest ever bank heist, played out by Clive Owen in Inside Man. Not only does his character nail the perfect heist, he does it just because he 'can'.

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